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What Black Friday is to in-person shopping, Cyber Monday is to online shopping.

And if you have your own business and you haven’t made that switch, you may want to consider that.

“I think it has saved us in a lot of ways,” said Jeanette Carpenter, manager of Beef Jerky Experience.

It’s called Cyber Monday, and it’s traditionally one of the busiest days of the year for online shoppers to purchase items from online retailers like Beek Jerky Experience in Lamar.

“Well, we have a very good online business, which is wonderful, and I hope to continue you that, but on Cyber Monday I think that’s when people get on there and are most excited about ordering online because of the deals,” Carpenter said.

While this isn’t the first year for the business, which is part of a chain of stores, to offer many of the items sold inside to online buyers, Carpenter can’t recall another year where those online sales have been so important.

“I would encourage small businesses to really get into the online business because with the COVID especially we have noticed that so many people are ordering online instead of going out because they’re scared of things like that, but also it’s easier at home and if I don’t have to be in with a rush of people I don’t want to be,” Carpenter said.

Often times there will be specials available to online shoppers on this one day they can’t get any other day of the year.

“So, the Cyber Monday deal is if you go online to slash Lamar, especially, you can put in the code Cyber 20 and you can register to win this little Mini Max and it’s a wonderful little cooker,” Carpenter said.

By shopping online, customers can learn there’s a lot more to the experience than plain old jerky.

“When you think of jerky, if they’re not jerkaholics like I am, they think of it only as the toughest kind they’ve ever had, well we’ve had a whole line of jerky that is soft and moist so that is a surprise to them,” Carpenter said.

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