Baxter Springs DUI Crackdown-Photo 2

Baxter Springs, Kans. — Many cities across Kansas are currently participating in a crackdown against drunk driving.

This year, The Baxter Springs Police Department is taking part in a DUI campaign called, “You Drink, You Drive, You Lose.”

And “losing” is exactly what happens to those caught by the vigilant officers of Baxter Springs; each officer able to recognize the many signs that a driver might show when they’re likely under the influence.

Their knowledge comes from “Impaired Driver Training,” a mandatory course that teaches those in law enforcement how to thoroughly recognize impaired drivers.

Police Chief, Brian Henderson said around 20 DUI arrests were made so far this year in Baxter Springs.

Each month, an average of 2-to-3 arrests are made by Baxter Springs officers.

Chief Henderson believes the low number of DUI arrests in his city, suggests the majority of people take drinking and driving seriously.

“Here in Baxter, we’re averaging about 2 DUI arrests, that’s our average per month and those are low numbers, which we’re happy about. Officers are actively seeking, and so part of those numbers being low isn’t a bad sign. It could be viewed as a good sign because our efforts are working and people are following our suggestions of getting rides and finding alternate ways of getting home,” said Baxter Springs Chief of Police, Brian Henderson.

In Kansas, first time DUI offenders face a number of penalties.

Those include large fines and court costs, loss of driving privileges, a court ordered alcohol education program and community service.

The “You Drink, You Drive, You Lose” campaign is ongoing through Labor Day.