BAXTER SPRINGS, Kans. — A local police department is reminding Kansas residents to buckle-up. The Baxter Springs Police Department is enforcing seatbelt safety laws as an extra safety provision this time of year. With families driving to holiday dinners during a time when deer are active — it’s especially important to buckle-up. The “Safe Arrival” campaign is to remind families that arriving safely is better than not arriving at all.

“Even a small, slow impact crash can cause a lot of damage between the airbags and striking a steering wheel, or a child from the back being thrown from the back seat up into the dash in the front seat. Even though it’s a slow impact, that’s a lot of trauma that can be caused, and just simply being restrained can help reduce that trauma,” said Chief Brian Henderson, Baxter Springs Police Department.

“Statistics show that most of the passengers will also not be wearing their seatbelt and potentially be fatalities also on that crash,” said Officer Rhanda Andrews, Baxter Springs Police Department.

The Department will be extra vigilant on seatbelt safety through next weekend — but officials advise it’s always best to buckle-up no matter what time of year it is.