BARTON COUNTY, Mo. — A new memorial park hosted its first Memorial Day ceremony today.

The Barton County Memorial Park has seen a lot of work done recently as it continues to expand.

“And the board and the people of the county have really gotten behind it, and supported it, and everything. We got a lot of work to do yet, but I think it’s all going to be done as well as this,” said Tom Combs, Barton County Memorial Park Board Member.

“I mean I’ve had 50 people stop me today and say, ‘Hey, the park looks great, you know, I love what you guys are doing here,'” said Joe Davis, Barton County Memorial Park Board President.

It’s goal is to continue honoring Barton County Veterans, just like the Barton County Hospital did when it stood on the same grounds.

“This is the reason why the hospital was built in 1949, and it’s the reason we’re doing the park and it’s just, it’s great,” said Davis.

Today, over 100 Barton County residents attended the park’s first Memorial Day ceremony, to honor, and remember the Barton County Veterans, and all Veterans.

“I’m pleased that we have this Memorial Park set up. As you can see, maybe you can see part of it, how nice it is, and it will be growing and it’s dedicated for most of the Veterans who have given their lives,” said Merdith Chapman, Senior Vice Commander, VFW Post 3691.

The park has 69 memorial stones, each representing a World War II Veteran from Barton County. Some of the Veterans were not laid to rest in the United States. This park gives relatives a place to come and remember their loved ones.

“Out of the 69, probably half of them had family members that wanted to be here. I know there was several here today. I saw them taking pictures with their stone and, I hear stories all the time. My uncle, you know I didn’t know him. I was only 3 when he died. So, the stories are just priceless. And to give them something that they can go to and you know, actually pay their respects to is just fantastic for us,” said Davis.

The Barton County Memorial Park will be the new location for the county’s Memorial Day ceremony.