FRANKLIN, Ks. — Southeast Kansas was keeping tradition alive Sunday with cookies.

The Miner’s Hall Museum opened its doors for A Taste of Arma.

It’s the second presentation part of the museum’s quarterly exhibit exploring the history of city.

Today focused on the history of French cookies in Arma.

The original Belgi Galette French cookie iron you see here was replicated in Arma and Pittsburg.

It helped the cookie gain popularity within the community, especially during weddings and Christmas.

According to today’s presenter Rachelle Mengarelli, this helped make Arma the French cookie capital of Kansas.

“It’s very important for our family. Traditions and food traditions were what every event gathered around and so we think it’s important to keep those alive and to use them because we can,” says Mengarelli.

Mengarelli demonstrated how to create these French cookies with the help of her great-niece and nephew.