JOPLIN, Mo. – A sensory focused experience, Journey Through Slime Event Studio, will open for business this week in Joplin. Owned by Travis Bolin and his 11-year-old daughter Amelia, the studio will offer play therapy through slime-making, fidget toys, and 12 flavors of ice cream provided by Missouri’s own Ice Cream Factory.

Amelia “sparked the interest” of slime and other sensory tools in her father four years ago, while he has wanted to own an ice cream parlor for 25 years. They decided to combine ideas to create the ultimate experience.

“Whatever our children love, it’s our responsibility as parents to say, ‘I want to help you,'” said owner Travis Bolin.

Located at the former Cupcakes by Liz building on 2310 S. Main St., the business will hold its open house on October 21, 5 to 9 p.m. The open house will not include slime-making, but will consist of tours of the building, ice cream and access to the all of the products.

Its grand opening, where the slime journey will begin, will take place on October 23, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The slime-making process consists of choosing a slime recipe, receiving a recipe card, a tray with the ingredients, a take-home container and cup for slime toppings. You can then sit at a table to make your slime, enjoy ice cream or test out fidget toys.

Along with ice cream, the studio will also offer sundaes, Root Beer and Coke floats, and homemade waffle cones. It will host birthday parties and can provide cakes, set up the party fully for the guests or leave the planning to the party-thrower.

Bolin explains that the studio is not only for kids, but for guests of all ages.

“It’s not just for little ones, I hope it’s a place that people can bring their spouse on dates,” he said.

He also wants the studio to be a hang-out spot for anyone who needs it.

“I want people who don’t have a place sometimes, to make this their place,” said Bolin.

The Bolins went from the idea of having a slime-making vehicle to having a stationary location. They started the journey with the building on July 3, and the business quickly became a reality.

“In order for me to know what else God had for me, I said yes to the slime and God has shown the ice cream, fidget toys, God brought the building to me,” said Bolin.

Journey Through Slime Event Studio wants to help the community, and “sometimes it’s through making slime.” It aims to help improve mental health through “the play side of therapy.”

Bolin, a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor at Mount Hope Christian Counseling Center, has researched what slime does to the right, creative side of the brain.

“Through trauma, making slime can help heal your brain… In order for healing to take place more effectively, you need to use the right side through play,” said Bolin.

The name of the studio came from the journey that is making slime, and how it relates to the journey of life.

“Slime is messy… But as you make slime, you add activator, more glue, shaving cream and it takes time… But eventually, if you just keep going, keep trying to make that beautiful slime, at the end, you have beautiful slime,” said Bolin. “Life is the same way. Everyone goes through messy times and dark times, but if you get the right help… You’re going to have something beautiful. Everyone’s mess has a message.”

“Sometimes people give up when they’re making that slime… You never see what it’s going to become. And that’s life,” he continued.

To stay up to date, visit the Journey Through Slime Event Studio Facebook page.