NEOSHO, Mo. — There is another mural in Neosho and today it was officially dedicated.

The idea for this piece of work first began in March after the deadly shootings in Joplin claimed the lives of Corporal Ben Cooper and Officer Jake Reed.

Along with them, the mural honors all fallen heroes from Veterans to First Responders.

“‘Cause of that tragedy in Joplin, we put a subtle hidden message in this mural to recognize those two fallen officers that you’re not going to see unless you really look and pay attention. But, this is a way to give back and recognize their contributions to the community as well as everyone that has served in the military for the 200 plus years this country has been together,” said Richard Davidson, Mural Sponsor.

“There’s a height difference, other than just design too, but it stair-steps from local police to the military, and then they’re both looking and saluting the Statue of Liberty which is you know, what we strive to have,” said Sandra Pemberton, Mural Artist.

The mural is dedicated today to all fallen heroes.