Annual City of Joplin auction to feature city vehicles, various items

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The City of Joplin has prepared for their annual auction, which is set to take place the morning of Saturday, September 26. The auction is a collaboration between the different departments comprising the City of Joplin, as they provide the auction items. 

Lynden Lawson, City of Joplin assistant director of public works for operations, has assisted in putting together the auction. Lawson said this is his seventh-year taking part in the auction. 

“… Every year we get ready for it and I send out the letters to the department heads asking if they have information, vehicles, or equipment that needs to be sold at the auction, and then I take those lists to council and they go ahead and say that they’re surplus items and then we sell them in the auction itself,” Lawson said. 

As the auction items came from the various City of Joplin departments, the proceeds of the auction will then go back to their respective department. 

“So, we have about 20 different departments in the City of Joplin, and so when something is sold from one of those departments that money goes back to where that department’s funds are,” Lawson said. “So like transit, it’s part of TST … if the trolley out here sells, then that money will go back into the TST account. Same thing with streets, it’ll go into TST; if the airport had stuff out here it would go to the airport and so on. So, fire department, police, it goes back to police and fire.” 

Lawson said not only do Joplin residents attend the auction, but that individuals from the entire four-state area often attend as well. He said that in the past they have seen residents from Oklahoma City as well as Illinois. Lawson said the auction is beneficial for not only the residents who attend but also the City of Joplin. 

“So, what happens is, it benefits the city because we’re actually getting rid of items instead of throwing things away—you know, after you’ve already replaced them—you’re selling items that are out here,” Lawson said. “Residents can come out and there’s a lot of times they get good deals on some of the vehicles, and you’ll still see some of the old police cars being driven around town—that’s somebody that got one of the good deals out here at that time. So, it’s good for them to come out and do an auction. They have auctions all the time at different places around the four-state area and it’s good for the city to go ahead and do that, and then that way citizens can actually come on board and see what we have and what we’re putting out there.” 

Items included at the auction range from city vehicles and equipment to computers, bicycles, and more miscellaneous items. The public is welcome to view the items before the auction begins, from 8 to 9 a.m. The auction will take place at the Street Maintenance Barn, which is northwest of the Public Works Center, at 1301 W 2nd St. Parking is available at the Public Works Center. 

“The main thing is this, is that the auction itself when we start tomorrow will open up at 8:00 and then we start the auction at 9, and then we do the equipment that we have inside first, and right after that we start selling the vehicles. Now, because we have less equipment this year—the bicycles and some of the other items here—we’re probably going to go through this a little bit more quickly, so we might actually get to the vehicles around 11:00 tomorrow morning.” 

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