ANDERSON, Mo. — Students at one southwest Missouri school are learning that the holiday season is more than just about getting gifts.

4th graders at Anderson Elementary have been educating themselves about different charity organizations, and what those groups do for the community. Then, students picked their own organization and promoted them on social media.

“There are a lot of charities, I, me and my partners are doing Team Seas, there is also people doing St. Jude’s Hospital, Team Maddie which is local her in Anderson, um Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, and a bunch of different charities,” said Anderson Elementary 4th Grade Teacher, Madelyn Van Winkle.

“That make phone calls to different charities, we had groups doing interviews where they had to learn to introduce themselves to other people and um from there they created video they could put out and help raise awareness, that’s what we heard back a lot was you know the best way you could help get our name out there,” said Krystal Crust, also a 4th grade teacher at the school.

Crust says the videos the kids made will be uploaded to their class websites.