After school fight led to shots fired near school Monday

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A planned after school ‘fight’ in an alley took a heated turn on Monday, ½ block from Joplin High School.

“Our understanding is there was an agreement made that a couple of teenagers were going to fight [after school], and it was somewhat widely known, so a large group of people showed up to watch,” Capt Trevor Duncan tells Joplin News First.

“And then the fight turned into shots being fired.” The crowd then scattered through a six block area.

Police had to talk with more than two-dozen juveniles and adults (meaning 17+) as witnesses or participants.

Monday evening the 15 year old juvenile male was transported from the incident via ambulance. He was treated for injuries in the after school altercation.

“After he was treated and released, he was detained by the juvenile office for firing the weapon,” Capt Duncan said, “Since he was a juvenile we don’t know if he is charged. That is because he is not an adult.”

The weapon initially was thought to have been fired by a 17 year old adult male. It’s been determined the adult male did carry the weapon after it was fired.

Then that adult male disposed of the weapon in a storm drain grate. It was recovered by JPD. Charges have not been filed against that 17 year old adult male.

“That is still part of the investigation that charges could be filed,” Duncan states.

The investigation continues according to Joplin Police Department.#KODE12 #KSN16 #JLNews

– 17 year old adult male was arrested on an unrelated Carthage warrant. 
– 15 year old juvenile female was detained and referred to juvenile authorities for assault on a police officer.
– More than two dozen people have been questioned regarding the incident. 
– No parents were involved in the after school ‘fight’. No charges are being considered against parents at this time. Note, an adult means anyone 17+.

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