WEBB CITY, Mo. — Despite today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, an area organization won’t be closing its doors anytime soon. In fact, all the services they now provide are in greater need than ever before.

LifeChoices, or Choices Medical Services, first opened its doors more than 30 years ago.

Its original purpose was to encourage women and couples facing unplanned pregnancies not to opt for an abortion. However, Executive Director Karolyn Shrage says there’s a lot more to the organization’s mission station these days.

Abortion is now illegal in Missouri

“We’re gonna continue to be dedicated to providing that professional level of medical care that anyone needs, whether it’s a planned pregnancy or unintended pregnancy,” said Schrage.

She says the organization will continue to provide a host of services that provide information that every pregnant woman or couple needs to know.

Karolyn Schrage R.N., Executive Director, LifeChoices
“And we want to make sure that those vital ultrasounds that provide lifesaving information especially, early detection if there is an ectopic, if there is a miscarriage, that we’re getting that critical care to every single individual and that they don’t feel that any kind of ruling bypasses the importance of that medical professional care,” said Schrage.

Schrage says Choices provides full H.I.V. and S.T.D. testing for men and women, as well as parenting classes once a child is born.

She says the organization also plays an important role in a problem that hadn’t been heard of in their early days.

“Being able to reach out to those in human trafficking situations. So, there’s a lot of different services that our organization provides for our community,” said Schrage.

Other organizations like Planned Parenthood in Joplin, provide some of the same services.