LAMAR, Mo. — Barton county’s memorial park has had many additions.

The newest addition to the park is a 67,000-pound WWII Sherman Tank.

“So, the big boys in Jeff City heard that we were looking for a tank and they had one at the Military History Museum that is state-owned and they said you’re welcome to this one if you want, and this was like last week. So, within a week, we went from that to you know, what you see right now,” said Joe Davis, President, Barton County Memorial Park Board.

The Missouri National guard, Schraders Towing, and Parks Towing carefully brought the tank to the park, where it will stay and serve a new purpose.

“It’s just a piece of the puzzle. I mean, it’s another way for us to honor the military. It’s only a part of the park. You know, we honor the hospital employees, but a big part is the military,” said Davis.

And for local Veterans and active service members, this historic relic is meaningful.

“We have had Veterans that have served this county, this state, and this country. And this is a significant asset for Veterans to come and see of how much that we appreciate of them, serving their country,” said Russell Rawlings, Platoon Sergeant, Missouri National Guard.

Dozens of Barton County residents and first responders watched the tank be placed in the park.

“Everybody that I talk to is just like you know, this is really cool. A lot of neighborhood people here, so they’re going to be able to see this out their front window and it’s like I said, it’s just an asset to the park and the park was made for, I mean, just all kinds of people, uh, including the community,” said Davis.