WEBB CITY, Mo. — A Webb City winery is highlighting father’s.

Today Christine’s Vineyard held a Father’s Day celebration.

Families could enjoy catch and release fishing in the winery’s pond, food, cornhole and live music.

“I feel like it’s important sometimes the father’s are not celebrated as much as the mother’s. I wanted to have an event where the father’s can come out and enjoy a relaxing afternon with their family,” said Janette Cade, Owner.

“So far it’s been great. We have a lot of support from people in the community. A lot of customers from last year have come back and been really supportive as we are learning our way. It’s been a lot of fun,” said Ben Cade, Owner.

The winery is also working on expanding some of its programming.

So far the new owners added Latin dance night on Wednesdays and they are planning on adding free Latin dance lessons.