JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin organization is helping a part of Kentucky that was impacted by deadly tornadoes earlier this month.

Spring River Baptist Association’s Disaster Relief Team is in Dawson Springs, Kentucky.

The team of five volunteers is helping families rebuild after the December 10th tornadoes. They Joplin on December 26th and have been clearing brush and cutting down trees.

One of the volunteers is a pastor and board member of Bright Futures Joplin and has been ministering families.

“Peoples’ lives are uprooted they’re changed forever,” said Pastor John Boyd, with the Spring River Baptist team.

“I have seen a mixture of things. I have seen devastation I have seen rejoicing that they’re alive. I just talked with a man a minute ago that lost his mom and his aunt in this tornado in the house across from where we are talking right now. He is at peace with it.”

Over the past five days, the volunteers have done several jobs and pastor Boyd has ministered four dozen people. The group plans to leave Kentucky on Saturday.

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