OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A southeast Kansas girl got the surprise of a lifetime after saving her sister’s life. First responders made sure the 6-year-old got to arrive in style for a party to celebrate her bravery.

It was a helicopter ride for a hero.

Addyson Morillo got a free helicopter ride Thursday. She took dad and special friend Piggie along. They landed outside Chicken N Pickle in Overland Park.

It was the same helicopter that rescued Addyson’s little sister, Collyns, in April. Collyns had a seizure shortly after going to bed. Her temperature was 103.

Addyson acted quickly and called for her mom.

“I said she was doing something weird, and she was making weird noises,” Addyson said.

“So I went in to check, and she was shaking, and she was blue,” mom Allee Morillo said. “We kind of got her out. She was still having the seizure.”

Paramedics took Collyns by air ambulance to Children’s Mercy. Katie White was her flight nurse.

“Most times when you’re meeting people, patients, it’s on one of the worst days of their lives,” White said. 

A month later, Collyns is just fine. She’s back to running around on the pickleball court with her sister.

But in the meantime, Addyson was keeping score of helicopter rides.

Tony Raboin and his HealthStar ONE-KC team wanted to even the playing field. But Thursday’s ride in the sky was all smiles. 

“Thank you,” Addyson said with a smile. 

In front of first responders who also played a heroic role, they awarded Addyson a lifesaver certificate.

It was also a special day for the emergency responders, who don’t always get to see what happens to their patients. 

“Being able to close the circle,” White explained, “give her sister that helicopter ride, getting to see Collyns well and meet her family.”

Although the youngest, Addyson wasn’t the only hero at Chicken N Pickle. Several area first responders were honored for National EMS Appreciation Week.