PARSONS, Kans. — Parsons Police are now launching their third investigation into a string of animal killings that have been taking part in the city.

In a release, PPD said on December 29th of last year they were notified of a dead animal found wrapped in a blanket near Felix and 17th St. Officers that visited the location found the animal with a blanket tied around its body.

Given the circumstances of this case, and the part of town in which it was found, PPD asked the Parsons Pet Hospital to perform an autopsy on the dog to determine its cause of death.

This autopsy revealed severe trauma to the underside of the dog’s abdomen, and also around the neck from a “choke chain” that was still on the animal. The pet hospital advised authorities these injuries would be consistent with strangulation and being beaten by a human – and not due to another animal or vehicle.

“Drako,” as he is known in this investigation, marks the 3rd dog for the department that has been killed within the same area of Parsons. “Bleu” was shot and killed, “Zeus” had been shot, and “Ranger” had been brutally killed. The reward for “Ranger’s” killer has also been updated to $34,000.


“This is very frustrating for everyone involved. Officers want closure to these cases as bad as the general public. We have been and will continue to ask the public for support and information leading to the arrest of person or persons who are committing these crimes. It is really a shocking development that the $30,000.00 offered has not loosened any tongues. That is what leads us to believe that it is one person acting alone,” said to Police Chief Robert Spinks.

Authorities believe the person behind these murders is acting alone. Anyone with information on this suspect or any other case is asked to call the Parsons Police Department at (620) 421-7060.

While multiple POI have developed in this ongoing case, PPD says some have not cooperated or have denied to take polygraph tests.