3rd Annual Great American Cruise in Car Show

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Joplin, Mo.

Locals are taking a trip down memory lane at the 3rd Annual Great American Cruise in car show.

Cars, motorcycles, and trucks from several decades were showcased.
The event was free of charge for those showing off their vehicles and for those in attendance.
Organizers hold several shows a year, but this is one of their biggest as people continue celebrating the Fourth of July weekend.
One Joplin resident Bob Johnson says he and his wife travel all over the U.S showing off their vehicles.

“If you go to enough shows you end up finding people that you’ve been there with before and it’s like just a big family. It’s kind of like all the people down here everybody knows everybody.” said Bob Johnson, Joplin Resident

“It’s a good way for people just to forget life for awhile. With it being free a lot of things are expensive for families to do. It’s a good way to bring your families out to enjoy the history enjoy the beauty.” said Max Hill, Car Buddies

Throughout the evening attendees also voted on there favorite vehicles.
Several of them were awarded prizes.

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