11-Year-Old Raps About His Favorite Team

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(Yeah)….. All the other

classmates want a feature


Yeah I’m playin’ with the cheetah

I can easily defeat ya

….Do a know-how

I’m so good at this –

(Yeah) I can be the teacher

Everybody Knows I’m Aiden –

Rap name – Lil Bizkit

….You borin’ me

So just be quick

White and red are the colors

Play with Kansas City Chiefs

Yep, they are the best

They are my dream team


In this rap thing…

…I need the spotlight

… Got the higher ground

Like I’m playin’ Fortnite

Winnin’ like the Jayhawks

Spittin’ like I’m J. Cole

Sippin’ Gatorade (Hat Back)

(Yeah) It’s game on


… I love playing Madden

on the Playstation…

In this rap game-

Something Like a game changer

…Mahomes, Kelce and Hill

are my favorite players

(Tight grip) Controller in my hand

…. (Say your prayers)

… I’m in 5th grade

Frontenac- Gonna be a true hero

All the real know the code –

It’s six two zero…

I’m so good at Baseball

… And my dad’s proud

Your friends warm the bench for you

…… (strikeout)

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