JOPLIN, Mo. — One of the oldest Four States residents is celebrating another trip around the sun.

Spring River Christian Village residents and staff joined together with family members to wish Gail Boatman a happy 108th birthday. The event featured a band, birthday cake, and ice-cream.

Woodrow Wilson was still president when Boatman first entered the world. She’s one of ten siblings in her family, and she’s not the only one still kicking.

“You just try to do what God wants you to do and I always pray that God will help me to do what I should do and he would keep me from doing what I shouldn’t do,” said Gail Boatman, 108 Years Young.

“Most of them made it into the 90’s, and one sister died about two weeks before her 103rd birthday and we still have one 103 going on 104 in California,” said Dona Boatman, Gail’s Daughter.

Boatman was raised on a farm by strict parents.