CARTHAGE, Mo. — A local Bright Futures program receives some significant help for the present and future.

Carthage Bright Futures announced a $1,000,000 endowment, thanks to the generosity of Matt and Tracy Flanigan.

Tracy Flanigan, and her daughter Anne, have both sat on the Bright Futures Board of Directors in the past and say they’ve seen the need for the program. After donating in the past, the Flanigans believed this was the right time to donate again and make a lasting impression. It all started with a lunch meeting with Director Greg Spinks.

“And as Greg pointed out when we were visiting with him, it’s hard to balance the needs that are growing with the financial resources to help to all that good work. And so we wanted to try to make a donation, or endowment, that would help provide some consistency on providing income and cash to help meet those needs,” said Matt Flanigan, Friend of Carthage Bright Futures.

Flanigan says this endowment is targeted more toward students below the high school level and should accrue between fifty and seventy thousand dollars a year beause of the interest.