WEB EXTRA: Wasp lands in Erin’s hair… on live TV…

Local News Today

WEB EXTRA: It was September 18th, a normal Local News at Noon Show. Just before we are about to go come back from commercial for our National News segment, Chase tells me “I think there’s a wasp in the studio.”

Now watch closely as that wasp lands in my hair, while I’m reading. I felt it in my hair, but thought to myself, “I’m just imagining it, right?!” Well turns out, it certainly wasn’t imaginary. I swatted my hair frantically as soon as the story ran.

Chase and our camera operator were confused why I was smacking at my hair like a crazy person, because they hadn’t seen it land in my hair. I had to play back the video to prove that it happened!

I’ve posted this video on my twitter page: @Erin__KSN


It got quiet a few laughs, and I hope it gave you one too! I can’t believe I maintained my composure, but I’ve honestly never felt so scared on live TV in my life. I’ll say I took one for the team, because the wasp was not seen after this happened…

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