(NBC) — Non-profits are used to an uptick around the holidays… But not like this.

In Arizona at Saint Mary s Food Bank, demand is up 35% The organization distributing a record 11 and a half million pounds of food in November… A number they expect repeat in December.

“You can imagine a semi truck holds about 45,000 pounds of food. This is 260 semi trucks just in one month going around to most of Arizona. That’s the volume that we’re that we’re dealing with.”

Lisa Notaro / Chief Development and Community Relations Officer / St. Mary’s Food Bank

And it’s not just in Arizona, across the country long lines painting a seemingly never-ending picture of need.

“It’s going to help my daughter, my grandkids, even my great grandkids.”

Katie Williams / Food Recipient

‘Feeding America’ estimates 50 million Americans may experience hunger as a result of the pandemic. Many of whom have never sought assistance before.

It’s a similar story for the Salvation Army.

“The Salvation Army is experiencing about a 155% increase in the number of people coming to us for Christmas assistance.”

Commissioner Kenneth Hodder / National Commander / Salvation Army

That includes food, rent money… But also toys for children. This year they’ve taken their angel trees- with ornaments representing children in need and their gift wishes- virtual extending registration deadlines and encouraging those who are able to donate.

“That’s what America is, we support one another. In times such as this, we look to ensure that our neighbors are well cared for,”

Commissioner Kenneth Hodder / National Commander / Salvation Army

A season of giving unlike any other.

To learn more about giving to- or receiving assistance from- the salvation army or your local food bank visit the links below:

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