Local movie theater selling signature snacks for your at-home movie or game night


WEBB CITY, Mo. — Without the chance to see a movie at a movie theater, one local theater is making sure you can still bring home those signature snacks for your at-home movie or game night.

Webb city’s Route 66 Movie Theater is selling snacks to the community.

After a Facebook post helped put the idea into existence, the theater has been overwhelmed with support. Butter popcorn is the clear number one item purchased, but Nancy Hutson and her husband know they’re in it together.

Nancy Hutson, the owner of the Route 66 Movie Theater, says “We look very forward to being on the other side of this situation with COVID. I mean all of us do as business owners, as individuals, family members, but it’s great to know that we can all stick together and that we can all continue to support each other in a variety of ways whether it’s popcorn, whether it’s going through a drive-thru, whether it’s still going to a food truck. There are a lot of ways that we can do that. We live in a great community.”

Nancy Hutson, Owner of Route 66 Movie Theater

You can check out Route 66 Movie Theater’s Facebook page by clicking here to see which days they are selling their snacks.

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