Local meat processors are seeing an increase in demand


CARTHAGE, Mo. — The closure of meat processing plants and the disruption of the supply chain due to the pandemic revealed a growing desire by many to buy from local operations.

Action 12’s Deja Bickham explains how a local meat processor is dealing with the increase in demand.

Local meat processors are seeing an increase in demand.

Mike Cloud, President and Co-Owner, Cloud’s Meat Processing, said, “We’re booking into May of next year.”

And with that increase, businesses like cloud’s meat processing in Carthage are having to adapt.

“We try to write everything down. We’ve got everything on computer as far as cut ups and everything like that but we really need that paper that we can just take the book back and forth, look, change, scratch.”

With an influx of orders came additions to the staff.

“We’ve added a couple people in the back to do different jobs and they’ve pulled me out of retirement.”

Kara Cloud, Customer Service Associate, said, “I noticed that there was such a higher demand here at the store, I knew that it was a good time for me to step in and help.”

Normally they receive about 150 calls a day– at the peak of the pandemic, it reached nearly 540 calls in one day.

“And it’s because everything is at such a high demand and people really don’t know what the future’s going to look like and at that point we really just have to explain that we’re working to the best of our abilities to fill everything that we can as fast as we can.

With the increase in businesses, they are still prepared to offer services during deer hunting season.

“We have blocked out deer season, we have blocked out, first of all, we blocked out July for fair because we’ve got all the county fairs happening and we want to care of our youth, our farm families. Our farm families are very important to us. So when we blocked out July for them, we’ve got a place for our farm families and their fair animals and the same thing on our deer hunters, we’ve got that blocked off too.”

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