Local Legislators Meeting in SEK Tomorrow


 Fort Scott will be hosting a legislative update coffee tomorrow.

State senators Richard Hilderbrand and Caryn Tyson will be at the Empress Event Center from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to address issues from the community.

  The event will be hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and the Republicans and Democrats of Bourbon County.
  City leaders hope the event will help solve some pressing issues in the area.
Lindsay madison, the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce says, “A lot of people hear locally don’t feel in touch wih the people they’re representing us in Topeka or Washington D.C. So I believe it’s part of the chamber’s role to make sure everybody is informed, everybody has access to them.”

 Residents are looking to speak on rural healthcare, especially just weeks after Mercy Fort Scott closed its doors. They are also looking to to chat on further plans for the expansion of Highway 69.

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