Local hospital celebrates “Donate Life Month”


“Sixteen months after almost bleeding to death, I finally was listed for a transplant April 1st 2015” said Kimberly Martinez, Liver Transplant Recipient 

And for Kimberly Martinzez this was just the beginning of her journey to getting a liver transplnat. 
Martinez is using National Donate Life Month to share her story..while raising awareness of the more than 100-thousand people each year in need of a transplant. 
 ” If you’re on the fence about donating your organs after you passed ask yourself this one question if you needed a transplant if someone you loved needed a transplant would you refuse care would you refuse that transplant if it was offered to you.” said  Kimberly Martinez, Liver Transplant Recipient 
Life Share and Integris Grove Hospital partnered for a cermonial event today releasing ballons in honor of transplant recipients like Kimberly…as well as those who lost their lives. 
About 20 people each day pass away on the organ list. 
One of the biggest initiatives was to educate people on the many misconceptions of becoming an organ donor. 
 ” The other one is that people can move up the latter on the waiting list based on their income and their social status. It’s governed by government entities that watch that process.” said Steven Ward, Life Share Regional Director Tulsa 
Ultimately, sharing the big need of donors is what both parties are hoping to achieve. 
” As our population lives longer and longer that list grows everyday so the list is growing and outpacing the folks that are able to donate.” said Steven Ward, Life Share Regional Director Tulsa 

If you are interested in becoming an organ donor you can register at the DMV or go online to the national donate registry site here.

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