Local high school juniors and seniors participate in mass casualty drill


BRANSON, Mo. (KOLR) – A simulated auto accident where multiple people are injured was set up for some Branson area high school juniors and seniors in training.

The mass casualty drill or MCI took students hoping to go into the medical field, out of the classroom and into a simulated real-life emergency.

It was the first-ever drill, which took place at the Joint Education Training Center in Branson. The students were from the greater Ozarks Center for Advanced Professional Studies or GoCaps.

Lillian Orton, GoCaps student said, “you’re just like thrown out there and you have no clue what to expect.”

Matthew Aumiller, Clinical Manager for Taney County Ambulance District said, “In our profession, we’re often surprised and this hands-on experience is invaluable.”

Aumiller said, “There’s only so much you can try to explain in a classroom. Until that patient is in your face and talking to you and responding to you, it’s a different environment.”

Marrissa Ray, GoCaps student said, “We already had basic skills but kinda just like being thrown and be like oh, need to go put this on them, oh you need to go carry them, now put the straps, all of that.”

GoCaps is sponsored by Branson Public Schools and includes students from Branson, Hollister, Reeds Spring, and Spokane high schools.

Kristen Mills with Branson Medicine and Healthcare instructor said it is good to make Connections such as working simulated mass casualties alongside professional first responders.

Mills said, “Those connections that they’re able to make in this program actually sets them way above their peers and career identification and actually getting those positions in the future.”

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