Local high school has a prom for their seniors


BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. — Having a senior prom is better late than never and four Baxter Springs High School moms, one dad and a few seniors helped make the show go on.

A number of senior moms and parents pitched in with donations and decorations for the venue at decades of wheels.

The seniors spent a lot of time catching up at the start having not seen each other in a few months due to the pandemic.

But some of the prom moms wanted to give the class of 2020 a lasting memory to end their senior year.

Student at Baxter Springs High School, says, “It’s really amazing because this year was pretty, emotional for all of us because so many things were taken away. And this is just really our last chance to have one last hooray and be together.”

Amy Wilson, prom mom, adds, “A lot of the seniors were really appreciative. That’s what they all kept saying, ‘thank you for doing this for us and we really do appreciate it.’ and we got–I feel like we got half of a class response, you know, people to come so.”

Wilson encourages other parents and students, if possible, to step up and help make a senior prom a reality for those schools not able to have one.

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