Local group steps up to keep Nevada Golfing in the Winter months


NEVADA, Mo. — A Nevada golf course faced the possibility of closure during Winter months, but a few citizens stepped up to stop the proposal and make their voices heard.

Richard Carpenter, Nevada Citizen’s Group, said, “What could’ve been a big battle has actually turned out to be a very good process for the future.”

Last month, the city of Nevada proposed the closure of Frank E. Peters golf course during the winter months to cut costs.

The course is solely funded on a parks and recreation tax passed a few years ago.

Since the tax was passed, the city noticed the course was operating at a huge loss.

And so, they planned on passing the 5 month closure.

That’s until avid golfers went to the last City Council meeting and shared their opinions.

Mark Mitchell, Nevada Interim City Manager, said, “We did that on behalf of the golfers. They came to council and voiced their concern and the city listened and so we’re working together try to improve again play and improve the overall condition of the course.”

After the City Council meeting, the course remains to be open all year round and a citizen’s group was formed.

Richard Carpenter, Nevada Citizen’s Group, said, “We asked that the golf course be allowed to present some members for a new committee. You know if you have committees in city government, you have Parks & Rec Board, a plumbing board, an electrical board, or like you have an airport board. If you’ve got an airport board, you put pilots on there, people that know something about the airport.”

Peters golf course is used by both Nevada High School and Cottey College’s golf teams.

And so the citizen’s group is now tasked with restoring, marketing, and improving play at the course.

“Our senior men sponsoring some youth tournaments in the summer and a lot of us have garages full of golf clubs and we’re thinking about a program where we take those clubs and resize them for kids and have kids that might not have an opportunity to get a set of golf clubs,” said Carpenter.

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