Local food pantry in need of help to provide home cook meals


(Barton County, Missouri) A Barton county family that provides food to those in need has a new facility to handle more people, but they need your help.

The Miller family prepares hot meals 3 days a week for the community of Liberal. Their current kitchen isn’t equipped to fulfill this task. They want to expand their organization and cook the meals in a separate kitchen in their backyard.

Called the “15 Percent Organization”, the family gives away free home-cooked meals and are paying for the meals themselves. The meals are cooked and prepared inside their home and then delivered to different locations in town for people to pick up. They feed an average of 125 people per day and Liberal’s population is estimated to be around 720.

Kathy Miller,
“There are people depending on us. There are children depending on us even on our days that I don’t cook they come by and ask if I have a snack for them, so stopping wasn’t an option so this building was our only option.”

The Miller family is in need of a gas stove and is asking for help in the form of donations. You can donate through a link on four states home page dot com.


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