Local financial institutions offer Christmas savings programs


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Financial institutions are now offering a program to help families save for Christmas.

Banks and credit unions are rolling out a saving initiative called the Christmas savings club.

Members can open an account in January for just one dollar and and deposit a minimum of ten dollars a month.

Credit union staff have seen an average of five hundred to fifteen hundred saved in members’ accounts before the holidays.

And in November, all funds from the Christmas savings club are released back to all members in November.

This way, people don’t have to use credit cards or go into unexpected debt.

Cinda Richardson, Accounting Manager, said, “It gives you the opportunity to save just a little bit of money each month versus taking everything out at the end, you know in December when things tend to run tight anyways, so I think it really benefits us because it can broaden your shopping list a little bit as well.”

Check your local credit union, bank, or financial institution to see if they have a Christmas savings program.

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