Local farmers see an increase in farmland value


A study by the US Department of Agriculture says the value of farmland rising.

Crawford County farmers say it’s true.

Nick Smith with Bullseye Enterprises manages land just west of Girard, and it is used for agricultural and recreational purposes.

He says right now is a better time than ever to own land in Kansas.

“Some of the recreational property, primarily water foul property, that we’re managing and we’re farming on is in access of $5,000-an-acre purchase price,” Smith explained. “And, compared to some agricultural land that is sustaining about $3-4,000 purchase price. So if it will grow a good crop, raise a good herd, and provide great hunting as well, it will bring the money.”

Smith adds while beef and commodity pricing is low, being able to use land for recreational purposes helps make up for that lost revenue.

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