Local City Holds First Ever Recycling Event


Duquesne, MO

Four State residents grab their paper and appliances to be recycled the environmentally friendly way.

The city of Duquesne held a recycling event today for all electronics such as microwaves, gaming systems, and washing machines.
A paper shredder was also onsight to safely recycle important documents.
This is the city’s first e-waste and shredding event, and the mayor was happy to finally bring these resources to the city of Duquesne.

Gary Heilbrun/Mayor of Duquesne
“It’s good. There’s people that’s been asking us in the past where to take them. Same thing, you got to hit their window. And so, no this is good.” says Gary Heilbrun, Mayor of Duquesne

The mayor hopes surrounding cities will take turns holding recycling events.
He also plans on putting on another recycling event next year.

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