Local Boys and Girls club works to recover from burglary


A local Boys and Girls Club is working to recover from a burglary last month.

The Boys and Girls Club of Miami was hit hard during a burglary on Christmas Eve. Executive Director Mackenzie Garst says the burglars stole cash, kindle tablets, and multiple gaming systems.

“We are currently exploring the option of installing video surveillance within our building and outside our building to ensure kids our safe,” says Mackenzie Garst.

Garst says she is pleased with the support they have received from the community. Someone replaced their Kindles and they have also received monetary donations from people.

“We’ve been just so blessed and humbled by the community here in Miami that they have really stepped up and responded to this burglary and replaced many of the items that were stolen,” says Mackenzie Garst.
Jennifer Spence an employee of the Boys and Girls Club says they have used this incident as a learning opportunity for the children.

“No matter what happens, our club is still a family and to me it was almost like the end of when the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, where the kids were like the Who’s; they realized it didn’t matter what they had lost because they still had each other,” says Jennifer Spence.

Police have no suspects in the burglary and it is still an active investigation. If you have any information on this incident you are urged to contact the Miami Police Department.

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