Local author’s newest book reflects on drug addiction and faith to encourage young adults


You may have heard the expression, “Do as I say, not as I do” before. That’s the purpose behind a local man’s efforts to keep young people from making some of the bad decisions he did.

By looking at him now, you’d never guess how different Aaron Garcia’s life used to be.

“I was 16 years of age when I first started using drugs and I used for about six years,” explained Garcia, a local author.

After living in a meth house and becoming a drug dealer, Garcia begged his parents for one last chance to move back home to try and turn his life around.

He’s a nurse practitioner now, and has written two adult books. His newest, released just last week, is for young adults.

“What’s cool about the book is that it not only transforms the individua,l but towards the end of the book, it teaches them to transform the schools around them, so their classrooms, their peers, bullying and things like that,” Garcia added. “It’s a cool book because it not only just changes the person, the individual themselves, but it changes the environment around them.”

He credits his faith in God with helping him to change the direction of his life.

“And the other book is going into prisons and juvenile detentions,” Garcia continued.

While his first two books are religiously based, this one isn’t and he’s hoping it can go into places the other two can’t, and reach a younger audience.

“Schools, behavioral facilities, counseling areas, you know therapists, different things like that. It would be a great book to help the kids to just dive in and overcome the noise around them.”

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