Local Assessor send out declaration forms to determine tax bills


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — The Jasper County Assessor is sending out tens of thousands of forms – checking what property you still own and what’s changed.

The 2020 assessment list asks residents to catalog personal property including cars, boats, airplanes, and livestock.

That information will be used for tax bills sent out later in the year.

You should receive a form in the mail and can use that to update your listing – or turn in a digital copy.

Lisa Perry, Jasper County Assessor’s Office, said, “If you receive the paper, there is a pin number on the top on the right hand side with, and you can go in and file online.”

The assessment forms are required statewide and are due by March first.

If you don’t turn yours in, you can face a penalty of up to $100.

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