Local artists work to complete Joplin viaduct mural


“So this one was more tied to Dennis Weaver–it’s got a lot of color, it’s supposed to look like mosaic glass,” explained MSSU Associate Art Professor Burt Bucher. “So this would be him as a lion–Lion Pride with mosaic glass of this idea of environmental recycling “

Bucher started work on a four-mural project on the north side of 6th Street under the 6th Street viaduct back in June.

“This is kind of an Art Nouveau style, early 1900s,” Bucher added. “If you think about Great Gatsby style–really strong, really bold so it in and of itself tells you to be a Lion–really strong and coming at you.”

Bucher came up with the designs, but he isn’t the only one that’s put paint brush to wall.

“We’ve had a lot of volunteer groups, and so many in fact that I can’t really keep track of them,” said Bucher. “It’s been really amazing the amount of coordination from Downtown Joplin Alliance and the volunteer groups that have helped out”

While the actual painting portion of the project started a few months ago, Lori Haun of that organization says the idea to do a project like this has been in the works for years.

“I said, I have several groups coming in, so we could pull this together and make a really cool, lasting project to work on over the summer,'” Haun explained. “And he said ‘Sure! Let’s do it’ and we started spit balling ideas together, getting permissions, and things like that to make sure everybody’s on board, and we’ve got some donations and things to fund it”

Bucher says the images he created actually started on a computer.

“And then I project that on a projector onto the surface so that way I can get the scaling,” Bucher continued. “The first step is really measuring the walls so I know the proportion, so if the wall is a certain amount wide and a certain amount high, I have to relate that to the computer”

The goal is to have this entire project completed by September 19th for Third Thursday.

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