PITTSBURG, Ks. — Artists were using their talents to help out local food banks.

Ceramic bowls created by Pittsburg State University students, alumni and local artists were sold at memorial auditorium today for the Artists Against Hunger fundraiser.

All proceeds from the event will be going towards Wesley House and the PSU Gorilla Pantry.

The event was started back in 2010 by Mayumi Kiefer while she working at a public school in Ohio.

“I’ve witnessed how difficult if we don’t have food in our stomach, how can we focus, how can we get the energy to keep going, without the food it’s very difficult,” says Kiefer, “So I think this will definitely be very helpful if we can support so many other people and spread it in so many different ways.”

Each bowl contained coupons from local restaurants and businesses.

One out of six children in Southeast Kansas suffer from food insecurity.