Local artist is sharing his art pieces with virtual reality


ORONOGO, MO – A local artist is using virtual reality to share his images with students on the other side of the globe.

It’s a unique platform called Spatial.

It allows Steve Head to showcase his artwork in a virtual gallery, and that’s just the beginning.

“I had it at Spiva recently and back in December in the regional gallery. I’ve had it at Cottey College and in Springfield.” Says Head.

And Head wanted to share his artwork with a wider audience, but that can be time consuming and expensive.

“Even going to a place like Norman, Oklahoma. It’s a long enough drive where you have to have a hotel, you have to spend the night. You have to have a data set up, you have to leave all your stuff there in a venue, some venues would need insurance.” Says Head.

Then he discovered the online platform Spatial.

He set up a virtual 3D gallery and is already booked to give a personal tour to about two dozen at-risk students from the Ukraine.

“Even though we’re, I think it’s 5700 miles away, that their heart can connect to my heart, and they will have a visceral experience that they will always remember.” Says Head.

Head has a 3D avatar to lead the tour and can answer students questions in real time.

The exhibit is titled “Family Secrets” with artwork dealing with a range of serious topics like mental illness, child abuse, and suicide.

He’s hoping his art can help the students deal with any issues they’ve experienced.

“I want them to leave my exhibit knowing that no matter what happened to them in their own childhood trauma that there is hope for redemption, and there’s healing and there’s hope for a great future.” Says Head.

Head has 45 pieces of art in his virtual gallery.

He would love to see more and more classrooms visit his display.

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