Local animal shelter helps make pet owner’s lives a little easier


PARSONS, KS – A local animal shelter is helping to make pet owner’s lives a little bit easier.

The “Animal Wellness Fair,” returned Saturday morning to the “Proud Animal Lovers Shelter,” or “PALS,” in Parsons.

Pet owners had access to nail trimming sessions, city licenses, and low-cost vaccinations and microchips.

The tradition serves as a chance for the shelter to give back to the community who helps keep it running year round.

“If they get picked up if they have their microchips, then they can be returned to their owners quickly, and just to keep the animals healthy. We have so many problems throughout the year like Parvo going around, this is a chance for people to get their dogs vaccinated against Parvo,” says Patti Findley, PALS Fundraising Coordinator.

“PALS” is currently operating at full capacity and is currently in need of “Pedigree” dog and puppy food.

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