Local activists to spread hope in their community


JOPLIN, Mo. — Local activists grab chalk and take to the sidewalks to spread messages of hope in their community.

A Black Lives Matter demonstration was held on Third Street in downtown Joplin on Sunday.

Participants were encouraged to create artwork with chalk, writing messages pushing for racial equality and justice for all.

This project was done to mimick the larger pieces of work Black Lives Matter activists have erected across the nation.

Olevia Opel, Organizer, says, “We organized a community event for everyone to come out and use sidewalk chalk as a way to peacefully protest. This is going to be a longer lasting message that will stay here for a few days.”

Joplin will be hosting a silent solidarity walk Monday night downtown where individuals can view the artwork.

Opel says she encourages others in the community to write on the sidewalks by their homes with inspirational messages.

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