“I lived here, I grew up here, and graduated from here–this is where I want to be,” explained L&L Outdoors and Pawn owner Laramy O’Leary.

O’ Leary is a third generation business owner and is bringing something the city of Jay has never seen before.

The new 18,000 square foot facility is no comparison to his most recent 3,000 square foot building where he housed his L&L Outdoors and Pawn store.

“I did a lot of custom work here and we wanted something nice in Jay,” O’Leary added.

In addition to having state of the art outdoor equipment, the store specializes in being a Class 3 dealer for guns.

O’Leary bought a machine to help complete all gun requirements.

“It does the fingerprints and the picture here, so when you come to us to buy a silencer or one of those weapons, everything is in house,” said O’Leary.

In addition, he is hoping to attract visitors from Lake Eucha and southern Grand Lake, so they don’t have to drive a long way to experience all Grand Lake area has to offer.

O’Leary not only wants to serve as a business, but he wants to help out the community. This will be performed with his shooting and bow and arrow ranges.

“How it helps with law enforcement, we have an officer here puts on concealed carry classes ad we like to be able to bring him in,” O’Leary continued. “We have a conference room up there big enough to seat a lot of people they can go out and test fire their guns and train.”

In addition, he hopes to keep sales tax dollars local.

“Help out our school, help out our community, make local donations to our Jay Boosters Club, our Jay football team,” said O’Leary.

O’Leary says has plans to have his grand opening on August 30th.