Little Hats, Big Hearts


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day many of the smallest patients at a local hospital got a way to recognize the holiday.

That’s why every baby born in both hospitals this month in Joplin will go home with a red keepsake. It’s part of a program called “Little Hats, Big Hearts,” which is sponsored by the American Heart Association. And Peggy Scott, with that organization says the hats are more than just an article of clothing.

“To bring awareness to congenital heart defects, congenital heart defects is the number one birth defect, and sometimes people aren’t aware of that. We hope every baby is born healthy but if they’re not or just in general, if they want information about the American Heart Association, there gonna get some here,” says Peggy Scott.

A host of volunteers throughout the area knit the red hats for the cause, including one that works for the Freeman Health System.

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