Liberty Utilities to complete installation of 280 wind turbines this year


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — 18,259 megawatts – it’s a record for wind farm electricity production in a Midwest power pool set a few days ago.

That number could soon be growing as three wind farms start to take shape.

Shaen Rooney, Liberty Utilities, said, “We’re investing 1.2 billion dollars.”

The price tag to build three wind farms in the Four States.

Work is underway at two of the sites, with the third just weeks away.

“In Missouri, North Fork is the farthest along. We’re doing some site preparation activities there. Stripping topsoil, clearing a site for a substation.”

Concrete work is expected to start in March at the southwest Barton County wind farm, leading to the installation phase.

“When foundations have been installed, that’s when the turbine equipment begins to come into the area and you’ll start seeing things go in vertically.”

Eventually leading to 69 wind turbines on site.

The process will take months.

“There is a lot of federal oversight of these things, uh, you know we’re working with us fish and wildlife service. We’re working with us army corps of engineers – there’s a lot of state agencies that involved as well.”

The Kings Point wind farm is just a few weeks from starting, with another 69 wind turbines.

That will sit to the east in Jasper, Lawrence and Dade Counties.

And in Kansas, there’s the Neosho Ridge wind farm in Neosho County.

It got an earlier start, but is twice as big as either Missouri wind farm.

“We do have to have the wind farms done by December 31st, 2020.

With nearly 300 wind turbines creating 600 megawatts of electricity.

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