JOPLIN, Mo. — A local utility is expanding its options for renewable energy, building on existing sources from wind and water power. Residents can opt in to a renewable power source.

Liberty Utilities is now offering the choice of subscribing to solar power.

“We’re at the prosperity solar farm here in prosperity Missouri on the east side of 249,” said Jason Osiek, Liberty.

57 hundred solar panels converting solar rays to kilowatt hours.

“Total output is 450,000, kilowatt hours annually,” said Osiek.

It’s the newest expansion of Liberty’s renewable energy sources, built on an EPA Superfund site.

“Killed two birds with one stone. We were able to take a brownfield site turn into something new, make a renewable energy facility here that benefits our customers,” said Drew Landoll, Liberty Strategic Project.

Liberty customers can subscribe to solar power. A growing list could lead to a growing farm.

“The site has 60 acres that we’ve leased, we’ve developed 11 acres of it so far with the opportunity to further develop this,” said Landoll.

Customers decide ahead of time how much solar to subscribe to – up to 50% of their monthly total.

“And you’ll pay for the subscription for each of those blocks, and then the energy that those blocks create will be deducted from your monthly energy bill,” said Jillian Curtis, Liberty Comm.

The impact to your electric bill can vary depending on how much solar you sign up for, and how much electricity you use. Liberty started construction about a year ago, with operations underway last march.

We’ve got more about the program through a link here.