Liberty Utilities focused on reducing fuel consumption


ASBURY, Mo. — With the Asbury Coal Plant closed, the North Fork Wind Project is moving forward.

The Asbury Power Plant was decommissioned on March 1st.

Currently, crews are studying the assets on-site and determining which can be reused or repurposed for other generation facilities.

The North Fork Ridge Wind Farm produces 150-megawatts and all the turbine foundations have been completed.

Turbine components delivery began in late March and will continue into June.

Liberty Utilities says the biggest impact locally will be reducing our fuel consumption that will provide savings to customers.

Tim Wilson, Vice President of Electric Operations, Liberty Utilities, said, “Right now we’re focusing on the actual erection of the turbines. Mostly lower tower sections to date and then we did last week actually, complete the first full turbine with the complete tower, the hub, and the cell, and all the blades.”

Wilson says throughout construction, there’s been hundreds of jobs created to support the economy.

He also says the addition of 600-megawatts of wind coupled with the retirement of the Asbury facility will save customers nearly $160 million over 20 years and up to $300 million through a 30 year period.

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