Liberal Schools holds summer food service program


A local school district is offering free meals to kids nearby.

While today is the last day of school for the Liberal School District, it’s door will be open to students from preschool age through seniors in high school next month. The school district’s summer service food program has served the community for more than ten years.

“It’s just a program that the parents can appreciate because their kids are getting a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch and that kind of thing. I think it’s just nice for the parents in our district to offer that,” says Leticia Fry.

Kids do not necessarily need to be a part of the Liberal’s summer school program to join. Fry is happy to serve any kids who live within the district’s limit.

“It makes me feel good because I do worry about kiddo’s in the summertime. We do a backpack snack attack where we give backpacks food every Friday and a lot of those kids do go to summer school but so of them do not so I do worry about them and what they’re eating,” says Fry.

The program has become more than just two free meals to the kids who use the program year after year.

“I think it’s just because we’re a small community and it’s kind of just like a big family. I think the kids enjoy coming and seeing everybody during the summer time and we enjoy seeing the kids during the summer,” says Ruth Gazaway.

The district ensure the kid’s meals are as nutritious as possible.

“We don’t have to follow the USDA necessarily but they have their own qualifications so they get to have fruits and vegetables – a fruit, a grain, you know, those kinds of things,” says Leticia Fry.

“Summer time, you know, you can feed them more fun fruits and fresh fruits and vegetable maybe so than during the school year,” says Ruth Gazaway.

The program is only offered during the month of June. Any parent who is interested in sending their child to the program can find the application on the Liberal School District’s website. We have a link for it here.

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