Lendonwood Gardens to build Monarch Way Station


GROVE, Ok. — Plans are underway in grove to build a Monarch Way Station at Lendonwood Gardens.

The station will attract monarchs to Grand Lake at the botanical gardens.

Grove is on the migratory path of monarch butterflies and the population is threatened.

So, the nonprofit believes this addition will help serve the environment and be educational for the community.

Pauline Hale, Board Member Lendonwood Gardens, said, “We intend to have signage really directed at both adults and children to explain the life cycle of the monarch butterfuly and to explain the importance of this type of work.”

The Grove Rotary Club awarded Lendonwood Gardens a $2,000 grant to start building the station.

However the non profit still needs $3,000 to complete the project.

If you are interested in helping them in their efforts visit their website at https://lendonwood.com/

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