Legislators tour campus at Carthage Technical Center


A local school district is showing off its campus – and hoping for an investment in the future.

The Carthage Technical Center is in the spotlight – getting some extra legislative attention for the programs and how they benefit students heading to the working world.

Jeff Marrs is a teacher at the Carthage Technical Center, or CTC. “My industry like it because when they hire somebody from here they have the knowledge, they have the safety,” he says.

It’s jobs like machining and welding, just a couple of the programs offered through the Carthage Technical Center, or CTC. About 1100 students are enrolled – and this tour means there’s even more attention on the program, including State Sen. Bill White. “We see firsthand the training we’ve got going on.” 

Senator White and House Budget Committee Chair Cody Smith are on campus, learning about what’s already available for students, both teens and older. CTC Director Holley Goodnight added, “Adults can come in – get trained in a specific skill that’s in  high demand right now in the workforce and be out in the workforce making, you know, an immediate impact.”

CTC currently has both a north and south campus. School leaders would like to expand the building next to the high school, opening up more space for the Fast Track workforce training being pushed by the Governor. White said, “This is for those people who can do more want to do more and we want to give them the ability to go to those next levels and not just be the person working on the line.”

If Carthage does expand the south CTC building, the project is estimated to cost $9 million. With the governor focusing on state funding for workforce training, they’re hoping that could qualify for some financial support from the state.

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