Legally Speaking — Water Safety


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — Summer activities often involve being out on the water.

And safety should be a priority while boating.

Attorney Aaron Sachs discusses a few safety tips in this week’s Legally Speaking.

A lot of people are getting out of the house and headed to the lake. What are some tips on general water safety.

Attorney Aaron Sachs, said, “Here are a few tips for general water safety: Swim with another person if you go to the lake, Never leave a young child unattended, Make sure to wear a life jacket at the lake or if you are not a very good swimmer. Be smart when it comes to alcohol and water.”

Can the Water Patrol give you a DUI if you are intoxicated on the lake?

“The Water Patrol is actually a part of the Missouri Highway Patrol now with the same benefits and authority. So yes, you can receive a ticket for a DUI if you are impaired and driving a motorized boat.”

A lot of listeners will be taking out their boats. What should they do or look out for when out on the water?

“Make sure to double check the weather – storms can come up fast on the lake. Teach someone else about the boat so they know how to operate it just in case there is an emergency. Have a life jacket on board for everyone. Know your lake. The depth of the lake can vary. Often there are shallow spots.”

What is the bottom line when it comes to boating safety?

“Just be smart and use your common sense.”

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